Sunday, December 21, 2008

Faith, Hope, And Love

In church today the sunday school lesson was on faith, for some reason the song by Alan Jackson popped in my head. Hence the reason for the name of this blog. Faith, Hope, and love are some good things He gave us, but the greatest is love. I really think all three of them go hand in hand. Faith is believing without seeing, which in turn gives us hope. Love is just a generally great thing and awesome tool. I mean how crappy would life be if we didn't have any of the three of them? I have found that my life goes so much smoother when I have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, which in turn helps me to continue to hope for better things. All the love that is around me is awesome, I have some of the coolest friends a guy could ask for and I can feel the love that is there, I have a very loving family, and on top of all of that I have a Heavenly father and His Son that I know both love me very much. I couldn't ask for a better branch presidency all three of them love each and everyone of us in the branch like we were their kids. This time of year is great cause everyone seems to have more faith, hope, and love for those around us. Hopefully more people can take and live the entire year like they do Christmas time. I hope all of my friends and family know that I love them and they mean a ton to me. Merry Christmas Ya'll

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowboard season

So it finally snowed which makes me very happy. I have been waiting for snowboard season since somewhere in the neighborhood of July. I love snowboarding it gets me out and bein physical along with bein in nature. Which makes me feel closer to God. I may seem a bit selfish when I pray for snow, but it serves a dual purpose, we get lots of it to fill the reservoirs and water crops and on top of that I get to play in it. Besides snowboardin is my one true love, when girls don't seem interested or I am lookin in the wrong places it never fails me, a good day of snowboardin will make me feel all better. I get the luxoury of havin the last two weeks of the year off and I will more than likely be spendin lots of time up on the hill at Kelly Canyon playin on my days off and learnin more for the ski patrol stuff. I get out in the mountains and I just clear my head and really don't think about anythin else, it is such a stress reliever I love it. More or less when it comes to women I am a chicken, especially if I like em. The problem is the ones I get interested in always tend to disappear before I even figure out what the heck I am doin. But whatever, back to snowboardin. I have been boardin for about 8 to 10 years now and only the last few have I really gotten good. I now can carve, I enjoy jumps, ridin through trees, gettin into semi sketchy stuff, still don't care much for the park. I love a good fresh powder day, it feels like your floatin through the clouds when you are glidin through it. I am stoked for this season, I get to ride with a bunch of guys from the patrol that I have never ridden with before, which is cool cause it is fun to ride with new people cause they can push ya to learn and become better each time you ride and push your limits. Basically this winter if you wanna find me I will probably be on the mountain playin in the snow. Talk to ya all later.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today was fast and testimony meeting in church and I argued with myself as a I always do when there are blank spaces of time. I do this because I really don't like speakin in front of people. So I figured I would post my testimony on my blog. I know without a doubt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church, I also know that the Book of Mormon is true and that there is a Prophet of God on the earth today and he is President Thomas S Monson. I know that God and Jesus Christ love each and everyone of us, I also know that the greatest gift/tool/weapon whatever you want to call it that each and everyone of us possess is Love. I have seen many great changes happen to people, includin me cause someone has taken the time to show some kind of love for another. I love each and every person in my life, all different kinds wether it be the love of a good friend, of a son, of a brother or different ways. I know that God sends us angels and miracles all the time, some of the angels we can't see others are friends or family members or just some random person you met, the miracles he sends vary from great to small but they are all there. I know this is the true gospel of Christ and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day

My favorite part about turkey day is bein with family. But the last two years since my Aunt married her new husband it has gotten weirder and weirder. I love her dearly but she drives me bonkers. This year we went down to my Grandpa's which was fun, it's always good to see him. I did a whole lot of nothin this weekend, but I believe my body was in need of the rest it got. I got to walk around Temple square with my parents and some other relatives, which was awesome cause my mom hadn't been there for twenty years and the lights were gorgeous and the spirit was awesome. I love bein around family on Holy ground and the spirit that is there. The best part is that my family seems to be gettin closer and closer to spirit, which means they are closer and closer to becomin active again. I am very thankful for the gospel and all it has done for me in my life, also for all my family, both blood and branch family, all my great friends that help me and the spirit that each one of you brings into my life. Thanks again