Saturday, April 17, 2010

God Must Really Love Me

Lately I have been thinkin a lot about my life, and ya know what God must really love me. When I turn to Him before the world things just happen the way they are supposed to. I was tryin to figure out which girl to date and He steered me the direction I should go, I fell in love with Jessie and her little boy Cole. I keep thinkin wow I am a lucky man, I have an amazing family, amazing friends, I am lucky enough to be able to strive to start my own family with Jess and Cole, I have my own house, a good job, multiple modes of transportation so when one breaks I still have a way to get around. I have escaped unscathed from accidents that I shoulda really been hurt. The greatest thing happening in my life right now is my parents are goin to temple prep classes so they can go through and be sealed together and have us kids sealed to them, my little sister is gonna do the same thing with her husband and little boy, and now I have an amazing woman who I am gonna marry in the temple near the end of the year. Looks like all of us are striving to do what is right and become closer to God. I have learned this much if I center my life around God, He will guide me and direct me to where I need to be and with Him all things are possible. I love my Savior, my family and my future family with all my heart!!!!!!