Monday, January 11, 2010

Random contemplations

First off this past week I became an uncle and came so close to losin my best friend in the whole world(my sister) in the same night(she had a hard labor and lost a lot of blood, just to clarify). You have no idea how much both thoughts scare me, I will do anything in this world for that girl and my heart would be crushed if she was gone, than I wonder if I am goin to be a good enough example for little Hunter to follow. I do know however that God's hand was in it and that He means for both to be here and healthy. I got to hold Hunter today and while I was holdin him I was contemplating families and their eternal nature, I crave more than anything in this world to be sealed to my family forever and I hope that some day here in the near future it will happen. I am amazed at just how delicate life is and how brief it is as well, we are only here for a brief moment in time as it really comes down to it and we can be gone in the blink of an eye. So in turn I am gonna strive to do my best in this life, I want to live my life to the fullest, serve those that I can, my philosophy on life is "work hard to play harder" but I mix as much service as I can in there as well. Another random contemplation that makes me feel a bit selfish is that lately a bunch of my dear friends are movin away or gettin married, I have to admit I don't like to see them go, but I know that in both cases that they are goin where God wants and needs them to be. I have been debatin lately about goin to the branch that my house is in the boundaries of. I know that I can make new friends there and that I will do good there, but I tend to not like change I try and avoid it and do my best to keep it to a minimal amount. I also know that the little thoughts of goin to that branch have been placed there by my Heavenly Father to give me direction and the fact that other things are happenin in the branch to kind of indicate that God is makin it possible for me to go that direction, nothin bad by any means, but it seems like everything is fallin into place to possibly make the move. Maybe it is time for a change for me. Other random contemplations, girls just confuse me yet they amaze me all at the same time if that makes any sense. I had an awesome time hangin out and gettin to know my friend Crystal this weekend, she seems like a pretty cool girl. A talk I heard in my uncles ward this Sunday was comparing each and everyone of us to High density steel. We all start out as a rough and ugly lookin piece of metal that doesn't seem to be much. Through a series of heating the steel up and slowly cooling it and beating and grinding it, the steel slowly becomes to take shape into a beautiful piece of art, it has to be done slowly or it will crack and not turn out right. In turn God does the same with us, He runs us through the refiners fire, we are put through trials to strengthen us and help us to become who we are meant to be. Each trial and blessing slowly yet surely grinds away our rough edges and helps us to become more like Him and be who we are supposed to be. The finished product that the guy showed us was a beautifully crafted and shiny knife that was both extremely strong and yet delicate at the same time, the knife has to be cleaned off if touched by the human hand because it will rust. We in turn are also like this knife as we grow we both become stronger and delicate all at the same time, we can get through things that astonish so many people yet simple things can hurt us if not taken care of correctly. So remember as we go through our refiners fire that God loves us and knows what is best for us and life is kinda crazy but it is all for the best. With Gods help we can get through anything. I love my life even though some times I get down, but that is part of life we must go through the ups and downs to get where we need to be. Hopefully this makes sense and I didn't confuse you too bad, but hey I write like I think, pretty randomly ;-)