Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Official

It's official, I am insane. Ok not really, but I am officially on the Kelly Canyon Ski Patrol now. I have made a bunch of new friends on the patrol, I enjoy riding and working right beside each one of them. I know I can learn alot from them as well as the good feelings that it brings inside when I know I am helping somebody. Last Saturday I signed up for a double shift, and the way it turned out I shoulda just pulled a triple but I had to get my friend Keith back home to his wife. I quite enjoy the handling of the toboggan, it really is easy to run and kinda enjoyable. The only thing is I feel bad for the ones that get hurt that are catching a ride in the toboggan. But all in all it is pretty cool to watch and be a part of the group of patrollers that so willingly help those that come to play on the hill. It was kinda funny the other day, I was playin teacher helping Rachel get better at boardin and I lost track of time. I was just a hair late for sweep, I think I learned some bad habits from my instructor this year. Oh well it is all good. I don't know what could be better, I get to do something I love while serving others. I just reallized I already blogged about makin it on the patrol but oh well. I have enjoyed every bit of it so far, even the times when I am busy helpin people non stop instead of playing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Have ya ever had those moments where as soon as the words come out of your mouth you think oh crap did I just say that? I seem to be doin quite well at that this last week, the one even got deemed worthy of bein put on a friends quote wall. Here is the conversation that took place on that one, Deatra says somethin like " a lady will come help with the heavy lifting" I say " Since when have you been a lady." Total open mouth insert foot moment, one of the great cases of your mouth running before your brain figures out what it is saying. I have had a few more moments like that this week, it is really quite annoyin when that happens cause whatever you were trying to say doesn't come out the way you intended it. Oh well it all works, I know I won't live those moments down for a while but at least all involved are laughing about it now. Moral of this story is to do your best at thinking before you speak.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ski Patrol

Hooray for me, I got all my tests taken care of now. Which means I can now be on the patrol fro Kelly Canyon Ski Resort. I am glad, today was the last set of tests for the patrol(yes I know today is Sunday, I would not of been there if it wasn't required). I passed all of them, but truth be told I hate tests, I always get nervous when I know I have people watching me to see how I do. My instructor told me he wanted to slap me because I went back into old habits while doing my testing runs, luckily for me the test evaluators were skiers so they didn't know exactly what to look for like my instructor did. Right before the test ended they made us climb up the hill with our boards attached to our feet, not an easy task but try doin the same thing on fast Sunday when you haven't ate anything since dinner the night before, that's even more difficult. As soon as I finished visiting with the evaluators I got out of my board gear and headed home. I did this because it was Sunday and I was only gonna be there as long as I needed to be, which is the same thing I did last year on the ride with patrol day(tryouts) and last week which was another one of the required days. If this was about 8 years ago it wouldn't of phased me to be boardin on Sunday, but now I understand the day as well as feel differently bout the day. I am glad to be done with training, I still need to work on my EMT skills but that will come with time, I have been doing stuff two days a week or so for this since the beginning of September. But as far as I am concerned it is well worth it, I get to ride with a bunch of great people who are willing to help others and just get to go play around when riding. I have learned some new spots that are awesome powder runs and I have made new friends. It is also a way I can return service to people with the skills God has granted me. Now that I have no more required days on Sunday I can return to bein an active member in my branch. Hope I didn't bore any of you to much.