Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Positive Spin

When life throws trials, difficulties and whatever else it wants to throw at ya the best way to handle these things is to put a positive spin on it. Like when my truck's turbo came apart and went through the engine, it may of cost me 11 grand by the time I replaced the turbo, injectors, engine and upgraded the tranny, but this way I have practically a new truck with a whole bunch more power than a new one and I still owe less than it would cost me to buy a new truck, so I figure I am ahead of the game. Usually if somethin breaks I look at it as an excuse to upgrade. Or if something don't quite work the way I want it to, that is the way it was meant to happen and eventually somethin better will come along. That or when datin and it turns out that one or the other of the two of ya don't feel right about it, it was fun while it lasted and at least I got a good friend out of the deal. Like the old sayin "When life gives ya lemons, make lemonade," I plan on doin my best to make the best of the things I got, and to always look at things with a positive spin. It is by far better to be an optimist instead of a pessimist. Enjoy and do the best ya got

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Things

I was thinkin today as I was workin ( I know big shocker, plus a dangerous thing for me). I realized little things add up. A couple of months ago I let all the little things that were botherin me get to me, and when they all build together they add up and the frustration level gets even higher. The thing that got me laughin today is why did I let the fact that someone changed the password on a program we use regularly at work so all ya had to do was hit enter irritate me. Probably had a bit to do with the fact that at the time I was slackin in my daily prayers and scripture study therefor I wasn't as close as I should of been to Heavenly Father. All through that time I was gettin frustrated over things that rarely if ever bother me usually, so I came to the conclusion "vent and get rid of the little things that bother you as often as possible so they don't build up and cause you to explode."
This also got me thinkin of how ya shouldn't forget to do the little things in life that are good. Like scriptures, prayer( speakin of prayer, the other night at dinner my mom suggested we pray without me even sayin anythin, which shows good examples can pay off), a kind word here and there, compliments, Hugs( I think these are very important, they can brighten a day), smiles(also very important), honesty, hardwork, takin the time to do things right. I could probably go on forever about all the little things that we can and should do, but I will not bore ya'll. A bunch of these things we all take for granted, so like the saying of "Stop and Smell the roses" we should all take the time to look at all the great things that are in our lives even if they are just simple little things.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Saturday a group of us rounded up pumpkins and put them to their demise by shooting them. It was quite the fun activity, the crazy thing is between 9 people we went through a hundred dollars in ammo!!!! But the pumpkins didn't survive. I have also decided that whenever I take a date with me shootin for some reason I do poorer than normal, maybe that is because I am distracted or something. All though this time I didn't feel so bad, cause she out shot everyone not just me. The only thing I should of done different on this whole adventure is make sure I had enough rounds left for my 45 to have a full clip, it is really kinda pointless to pack a pistol when it is empty. I got a minor lecture from a cop on Monday about that when I struck up a conversation with him about guns while I performed a quick fix on an instrument he brought in to work for me to check out. Well that be all I have to say about pumpkin shootin.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

One of the great things about Halloween is you get to dress up like somethin that you normally don't do. Last night I was a mad scientist, thanks to my friends Ellisa and Rachel my hair stood up in crazy directions, I borrowed a lab coat from work and a set of Rad gloves and a pair of goggles. My friends had many different costumes as well, Matt was a 70's basketball player, Katy was a Highway, Rachel was a 80's rocker woman, Ellisa was a cowgirl, Trevor was superman, and there were many more. We had a fun evening at our Institute Halloween Bash