Friday, October 24, 2008


Temples are amazing buildings, tomorrow morning I am goin to the 9th temple that I have been in. I am goin through the St Louis temple, I have been takin for granted the fact that I have a temple in my own backyard. I always feel better when I go through a session or baptisms or any of the options I have to do when i am there, so why do I rarely go. Maybe it is me doin terrible at keepin my life fully inline, but whatever it is I am gonna try to be better. After i first got my reccomend back two years ago, I finally went through a session in the last week of december and then i went to the temple every week up until summer hit and then i slacked off cause of the summer activities. But I noticed that lifes challenges were much easier to face the more I made it to the temple. I've had a chance to do a session in the IF Temple, Billings, San Diego, Sacramento, Salt Lake, Mesa, Jordan River, and Rexburg Temple. Now thanks to my branch havin a monthly temple night I make it to the temple at least once a month but I wouldn't mind gettin back to the weekly temple visits. Like my earlier blog about mountains the temple is one of my favorite places on this earth and maybe somethin to do with the fact that the mountains are referred to in the scriptures as Temples, maybe that is why they are both favorite places, cause they are both places where I can get closer to my Father in Heaven and Christ. I try to visit the different temples that I happen to be in the area for work, hence the opportunity and reason I am goin to the St Louis Temple tomorrow. Ok so my train of thought has been derailed so I am gonna end this blog now

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Toto, We're not in Kansas anymore!

Apparently Kansas is flat and ya can pretty much see from one end to the other. I have spent the last two days drivin through different states. I have been to every state west of the Mississippi and then some, but I still like it home best. Alot of the midwest states, also know as plains states don't have much for scenery while you drive through them they are flat and continuous and i really don't like toll roads they are a pain in the butt!!!! Oh well, I am now all but through Kansas and I really never did find Toto or Dorothy, but wait that's right they aren't in Kansas anymore. But there are Wizard of Oz museums and lots of other strange things like a five legged steer and the worlds largest prairie dog. Ok so that was just a random bit from this random mind of mine.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Those of you who know me, know I tend to be very random. For me randomness is normal, my brain works in random ways sometimes it confuses the crap out of me. But most times it all makes sense to me. It really doesn't make sense if you look at where a conversation started and where it ends up in a few minutes, cause random things cue different thoughts in my head. One minute I am thinkin bout work the next I am 50 miles a different direction. I enjoy random things, which would probably explain why my style of dress is a mix of a country boy and a snowboard punk, also called by some Redneck Gangsta, it all works for me. I enjoy things from country dancin to snowboardin to wakeboardin to movies to horses to just about anything. As in an earlier blog I stated that I prefer to be outside, yet cuddlin up and watchin a good movie is always a plus as well. I love old cars, big powerful trucks(yet I see a lifted truck as pointless), I am a people person(love bein around em), yet girls scare me. Life in general is good, if you enjoy random activities and random acts of kindness hang out with me cause both are very common comin from me.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The mountains are one of my favorite place to be, I love being in nature and away from all the city mumbo jumbo that goes on. I love nature, and I take advantage of the beauty that God surrounds me with. I never cease to be amazed by the colors and combinations that I can find when I am out there in nature. My favorite smell in the whole world is Fresh Pine and sage just after it rains.
Then there is the feelin of carvin up fresh powder on a beautiful hillside covered in snow through out the winter. It feels like you are floatin on a cloud when you are glidin over a couple inches of fresh snow. I am amazed at all the beautiful combinations of God's creations out there in the mountains, a beautiful clear starry night that surrounds a mountain silhouette or the sun goin down with clouds that light up in different colors. Rainbows, wildlife, lakes, flowers, you name it in nature and I probably love it. No I am not a tree hugger, and yes I like to hunt and fish, but I can still appreciate all the things in nature.


Mistakes are interesting things, sometimes they work out for your benifit and others they aren't any good at all. I have made my fair share of mistakes in my life, but the thing is each and every little mistake I make I learn from it. I grow and become a better person cause I have made the mistakes that I have. I can use the lessons I've learned to help out those around me that I know and love.
The thing that comforts me most is knowing that the Atonement is there to make it possible for me to recover from my mistakes. I know that just because I haven't always made the right choices I am not a lost cause as long as I turn to Christ and keep him as the center of my life. I try my hardest to do this, but sometimes I slip and fall. I know that my mission in life is to help my family realize that Christ is the center of everything and that we need to turn to him to find ourselves.
I also know that I have came a long ways in my life, I learned the hard way that it takes three to make a relationship work, and those three are God, me and the other person. I gave it my all and it wasn't enough, I needed to turn to God for the rest. And the other person wasn't willing to compromise. The biggest factor in why that relationship failed was because I didn't put God first in my life at that time, I now know that in order for things to work correctly that is what must happen.
But never the less I am bound to continue and make mistakes. All I can do is take those mistakes and turn them into lessons and learn from them. Then use them to make my life better and to help those around me if needs be.