Friday, March 27, 2009

The End

I am sad to say that this is the end of my snowboard season. I was gonna go one last time today but my cousin can't get off work, he has to many cars to fix. It's all good, I had an awesome board day last saturday. Ridin with two really good friends, Rachel and Keith. Keith has been my ridin buddy for a few years now, our ridin styles are pretty similar. Rachel has just acquired the sport this year, she has picked it up pretty well she is gettin better every time I watch her ride. Although it baffles me, when she is on her toe edge she does pretty good regular but as soon as she goes heel edge her stance is better goofy, and she has issues pushin her board with a foot unstrapped in goofy. It just means I got my work cut out for me to turn her into a real boarder. It was a gorgeous day, the first time that I have ever rode in just a sweatshirt and board pants, we're talkin 60 degree weather for boardin, sucks for the snow in the end of the day but it was still a blast. Word to the wise, pay really close attention to your speed in Albion Idaho, the cop will pull ya over if ya don't. I slowed down to the speed limit but was busy talkin with Rachel and Keith and wasn't payin attention to how fast I was goin. Oops oh well, now I just have a good story for the last ride of the season. Bring on Wakeboard season I am ready to play that way!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


So this year I was expectin my birthday to kinda slide by without anything really happenin. My friends seemed to have other things in mind. As usual on Wednesday night I went country dancin the day before my birthday. Apparently during the RS dinner that night Alyssa and Deatra decided they were gonna throw a surprise birthday party at my house when I got home that night. On the way home Dave calls Deatra to tell her where we are at, shoulda given it away but I really didn't think anything of it because I was tired and not really thinkin. We get back I look over and see Sara's car, I think that looks like Sara's car and then I just blow it off and forget about it. I walk in the house after pullin my truck in the garage, stop for a second as I am turnin around the lights turn on and about a dozen people or so yell surprise. I jump probably close to a foot off the ground and drop the things in my hands. SO MUCH for gettin by with nothin happenin. I love my friends they sure mad me feel good that night and the day of my birthday! Lucky for them I was tired and didn't pick up on the things that woulda given it away.