Saturday, March 6, 2010

That's what I get!

So that's what I get for thinkin too much. I was thinkin that God was tellin me it was time to move on and try somethin different, low and behold I got released and called back to the same calling. Truth be told I am glad, I love my branch family and all the friendships I have built here. I now know that there is still more for me to do in the Ammon 20th branch. I will go and do what God has in store for me, may not know what it is til He tells me but I will do it. I am startin to catch spring fever, still not ready to give up boardin for the year but I so don't wanna wear a coat all the time anymore. It was a beautiful day at Big Sky yesterday, spent my birthday ridin with a new friend at a new resort that ended up costin both of us a total of 40 bucks, some stiff and sore muscles later and not even close to ridin the whole mountain we got home. I also went and played at Kelly's today, it was gorgeous out there today I kept sheddin layers put on the lightest pair of gloves I had with me. The snow was sticky in spots but still a good day of ridin all and all. Hill management says they are gonna try and make it another week of bein open I hope they make it. My plans for next saturday are to hike a ridge I've been meanin to do all year ride down it at least once maybe twice dependin on how good it is and then go play at Kelly's for the rest of the afternoon. Well it looks like spring is comin so bring on the shootin, mud throwin and what ever else I can do outside, but I can guarantee I am still gonna find some places to play in the snow until april or so. Wooo Hooooo I love my life!!!!!!!!!

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